Post-Semester Update

After about 3 months or so without any real updates (besides quotes), I think my summer break from school will give me more time to post on here. So uh, here goes…

I probably shouldn’t feel like this, but coming back to this blog is a bit like picking up an old book I could never finish reading (I’ve got plenty of those on my bookshelves) or like some unfinished work of art. Sometimes, that’s what life looks like too. Maybe in the future I’ll look back at this blog and realize how foolish and scatterbrained I was. But good news, when I look back at my life I will see the fingerprints of God’s providence on every memory recorded.

Last semester was tough for a variety of reasons. For one, school kept me busy. But also, thoughts about the future gave me more anxiety than I’ve ever experienced. Right now I feel an immense peace about it all. I realize I’ve been foolish to try to discern all of the details concerning God’s will for my future in pastoral ministry. It seems most if not all guys who enter into pastoral ministry are surprised by where God takes them. I think I’d like to be surprised too. I’m going to trust God to do that.

I just returned from the NEXT conference. The whole conference was centered on the person and work of Jesus. I’ve never been to a event more explicitly Christ-exalting than this one. We learned about Christ’s pre-eminence, incarnation, life, death, resurrection, and return. The teachers were so disciplined in their preparation and delivery. The line up was outstanding: Josh Harris, D. A. Carson, Kevin DeYoung, C. J. Mahaney, and Sinclair Ferguson. Hopefully I’ll post some quotes later on.

Right now I’m in VA staying with my family and catching up with some friends. Then it’s back down to Orlando on Saturday!

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