God’s Glory in the Wounds of Christ

I am thankful for men like John Piper who continue to shepherd me and countless others through their faithful and passionate preaching of the Word of God. May God use this video to ignite newly heartfelt passion for God’s glory most fully revealed in the suffering of his Son, so that we in turn would “join the Son in displaying the supreme satisfaction of the glory of grace . . . on the calvary road of suffering.”

Earlier this evening I visited my old Xanga blog and read some of my old entries. To be honest, it was haunting to see that some of the big issues I’d been wrestling with in the past are the same ones I’ve neglected to confront in the present. They’ve been put to rest without having been resolved. Maybe with a little more age and experience I’ll now be able to return to those issues and hear what God was telling me back then… and what he’s telling me now.

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One Response to God’s Glory in the Wounds of Christ

  1. josh cho says:

    That video is devastating.

    If only it could be broadcasted in every television in the American Bible belt heh…and my own head 24×7

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