Discuss: Were We Right to Invade Iraq?

Questions: They say hindsight is always 20/20. It’s been almost six years since we first invaded Iraq. So…

  • When we first invaded Iraq in March of 2003, were you for or against the war? Why?
  • Now that you know what you know, have your views changed or remained the same?

I recently wrote a paper on the war in Iraq according to the criteria of the just war tradition, from a historically Christian just war perspective. The paper basically answers the question, “If Augustine (who started the just war tradition) were alive today, would he be for or against Operation Iraqi Freedom?”

Feel free to read the paper, which I’ve titled “Facing the Playground Bully” (revealing my stance towards the war) and respond to it (but don’t be obligated to). Keep in mind that the paper was written for a Christian history class and presumes the reader agrees with the Christian just war tradition (traced from Augustine, Aquinas, Calvin and others). Also, this paper is not nearly as long as I would’ve liked for it to be.

Let me end by saying that studying this topic has given me a renewed sense of patriotism. Not that I wasn’t proud of my country before, but I am so much more thankful to be an American, especially on a global scale. When I was younger I used to sing America the Beautiful, but it rings so much more true now than ever. Anyway, I am looking forward to your thoughts!

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