Discuss: Why Do People Leave the Church?

This post will hopefully be the first of many weekly posts bringing up various discussion topics on any random number of issues, particularly related to religion. I’d love for anyone to feel welcome to share their opinions here, especially those whom I’ve tagged on Facebook. I know that many of my posts deal with topics related to Christianity, but I would especially love to hear from others with different perspectives.

Now for this week’s question. As a disclaimer, this question is not out to point fingers or offend anyone!

As of late, a question that has been stirring in my mind is…

Why do people leave the church?

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One Response to Discuss: Why Do People Leave the Church?

  1. josh cho says:

    People leave the church when their lives reach a point of epiphany in that, they realize that 1) they don’t believe in what is being preached anymore, 2) they don’t believe that they get anything out of going, 3) they have lost interest in Gospel, 4) whatever superficial reasoning they had for going in the first place no longer applies (ie: friends stopped going, parents’ religion, convenience, “boring” sermon etc…). Ultimately, if the action of going to church was just routine to begin with, then eventually/inevitably the routine action catches up with the mind, and sleep is preferred over church. Actually, its smarter and more efficient to STOP going to church if one gains absolutely nothing out of going, but so many times people are caught in the moratorium of going for the sake of going…and unfortunately that number is the vast majority.

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