Here’s some thought-provoking words from Mike Metzger on the election. This Sunday’s going to be interesting.

Be sure to vote this Tuesday. But wait until Sunday morning at church to catch the election results. Whichever candidate wins, look for the look on your friends’ faces. In too many cases, it will tell you the New Deal beat the New Covenant…

When the market crashed in 1929, the problem was how to create or reinforce social consensus where little or none could be generated by institutions that formerly performed this role – i.e., the church. Nature abhors a vacuum, so the New Deal rushed into the space vacated by the New Covenant. This is why the New Deal is considered the most important development of the last century in American political culture. It wasn’t so much FDR and the Democrats – the New Deal made politics the end-all of nearly everything – for every party. The New Deal shifted the solutions to problems over to politics. It said if we could get the right politicians in office and the right laws passed, all would be well…

Depending on which church you attend, you’ll see one of three faces – conquest, contempt, or confidence. In one church, they’ll crow about their conquest because their candidate won. In another church, they’ll grimace, grind their teeth, and begin plotting revenge because their candidate lost. But in both churches, the bigger winner is the New Deal because these are the faces of politicized people.

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One Response to Politicized

  1. josh cho says:

    Yes, very mixed feelings about both sides.

    Whats up Brian, its been quite some time. Ive been doing real well. Apart from school I have been working 2 jobs part-time, one with pay and one without, investing in CRU leadership, making some music, doing some individual ministry, and cooking a whole lot–just to name some.

    But yea man, hows seminary going? hahha your new wordpress is like a source for me to access some of the ‘goodstuff.’ Anything new happening? And yo i have some new music for you to check out.

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