Bring Your Heart!

Read this encouraging quote from Octavius Winslow. I am challenged at how rare we speak of Christ’s love in this way, choosing instead to speak of an intellectual assent to truth when relating to the love of Christ. We need to recover this sort of affection for Christ’s love!

Do not limit your heart-experience of Christ’s love, for it is infinite in its nature and boundless in its extent. The prayer of the apostle for the Ephesian saints was that they might “know the love of Christ which passes knowledge.” As yet, how many of us stand but upon the shore of this ocean! How little do we know, experimentally, of the love of Christ in our souls, disloding slavish fear, a bondage spirit, unbelieving doubt, and so enlarging our hearts that we may run the way of the Lord’s commandments.

Bring your heart with its profoundest emptiness, its most startling discovery of sin, its lowest frame, its deepest sorrow, and sink it into the depths of the Savior’s love. That infinite sea will flow over all, erase all, absorb all, and your soul shall swim and sport amid its gentle waves, exclaiming in your joy and transport, “Oh, the depths!” The Lord direct your heart into the love of God! Just as it is, hard, cold, fickle, sinful, sad and sorrowful. Christ’s love touching your hard heart, will dissolve it! Christ’s love touching your cold heart will warm it! Christ’s love touching your sinful heart will purify it! Christ’s love touching your sorrowful heart will soothe it! Christ’s love touching your wandering heart will draw it back to Jesus. Only bring your heart to Christ’s love.

Believe in its existence, its reality, its fulness, and its freeness. Believe that He loves you, and just as love begets love, so the simple belief in the love of Jesus will inspire you with a reflected, responsive affection; and your soul, like the chrysalis, will burst from its captivity and bloom, and, soaring in life, liberty, and beauty, will float in the sunbeams of Gods full, free, and eternal love, and, in a little while, will find itself in heaven- where all is love!

–Octavius Winslow in “The Sympathy of Christ

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