Psalm 2 – The Son, The King

Psalm 2 carries a double message addressed to all the nations of the world.

The psalmist calls attention to the enmity between fallen humanity and the LORD along with his Anointed, who is named in the psalm as the Son — this can only be a reference to the second person of the Trinity, the Son of God. The enmity spoken of here is explained in Genesis 3:15 as being a direct result of the fall of mankind into sin and rebellion against God. And yet in response to worldwide defiance, God laughs at the nations!

But why does he laugh? Obviously it is because their attempts at conspiring against him are futile, but there is an even greater reason. In verse 6 he declares, “As for me, I have set my King on Zion, my holy hill.” Against the enmity of the nations, God has established an everlasting kingdom and set his Son in charge of it. And in this kingdom, he will grant his Son possession of all those nations, to do with them what best pleases him.

The double message of Psalm 2 is that even though all the kingdoms of the world assemble against the LORD, he is establishing his own kingdom — one in which his Son will rule with complete authority, one in which all the puny nations must bow in allegiance to him or perish. God warns all kings in competition with his kingdom to bow before the authority of his King, the Lord Jesus!

And what is true of the nations of the world must also be true of me and my own kingdom. I must bow before his authority and submit to his kingdom rule. However, I should not think that I am being forced to bow to the tyranny of a cruel dictator! The promise at the very end of verse 12 is my hope: “Blessed are all who take refuge in him.” My submission is a glad submission, since I serve a kind and benevolent King, one who has called me fit to be a citizen in his kingdom!

Psalm 2 is not a message of condemnation. Rather, it is a message of invitation: Be wise and be warned (v. 18), serve the LORD (v. 11), kiss the Son and take refuge in him (v. 12). In other words, come and be a part of his kingdom! He will own the nations as his heritage and he will possess the whole world, but he has not left us out of the equation! He graciously invites us to bow to his rule and live in his great kingdom.

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